25 Random Things About Me

So if you're on Facebook, you've seen this little "Tag, You're It" thing going around, where you're supposed to list 25 random tidbits about yourself.

I secretly LOVE doing these sorts of things and also LOVE reading others' answers. One of my little quirks I suppose.

Anyway - here's my list - In some cases I've added more information that what I put on FB.

1. I almost died in a white-water rafting accident. {I have a full post coming about this crazy story.}

2. My biggest pet peeve is when people drive down the side of the expressway, trying to by-pass the stopped traffic. I'm the one that pulls over and BLOCKS them and makes them wait their turn, while they're honking and swearing at me and trying to swerve to get around me. I keep cutting them off. I REALLY can't stand when people cheat like this. I get a little bit crazy-like. A lot, really.

3. If money was no object I would travel CONSTANTLY. Always some place new and always some place local.

4. I never sleep with socks on. Can't STAND that. Too confining.

5. And usually I sleep with at least one leg sticking out of the covers. Weird, I know.

6. I turned 30 in Tokyo, Japan AND in Honolulu, Hawaii. Gotta love the International Date Line.

7. I'm a preacher's kid. And technically I'm a missionary kid, too, as my parents left their home country (America) and were headed to South America when God called them to Canada (I'm still secretly bitter about going north as opposed to the warmth of the south). They've remained in Canada, and the vast majority of those years they have raised their own support, with dad being an itinerant preacher.

8. I'm NOT an intellect. {Nor do I aspire to be one. I'm happy in my own skin and will leave the smart discussions to others. I'll just keep supplying the Diet Coke and cookies while others debate and wax eloquence.}

9. I'm a certified scuba diver.

10. I would love to sky-dive some day. I just wish Jack hadn't told me that for the first 60 seconds you can't breathe, while you free-fall. But, it is only 60 seconds, right? I can do anything for 60 seconds.

11. In 5th grade I decided I would go to the Island of Madagascar some day. And at 25 years old, I did. Loved it.

12. I hate snakes. I once chased a young camper boy down a camp trail with a broom, and was VERY willling to hit him with it, because he was trying to scare me with a snake. He never chased me again.

13. I was born and raised in Canada but both parents are American. I have both passports but use the American one except when in France (cuz the French aren't too big on the Americans).

14. At some point or another in my life I've spoken French, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian ... and Canadian, eh?

15. I had my own pony when I was a little girl.

16. I also had a river in front of our house and we had a canoe. Lots of great adventures. Usually with no life jacket on. Those were the days.

17. I was one of the officers in our "John Schneider Fan Club" in junior high. I can't remember if I was president or not - someone help me out on that detail. The reality is, however, that I liked Tom Wopat way better (cuz dark hair is the best) but somehow I got out-voted.

18. I LOVE 80s heavy metal music ... and sadly, can sing most lyrics to Def Leppard and Van Halen songs ... and numerous other bands!

19. I hate being the center of attention. And I love making other people the center of attention.

20. Carbs are my downfall. {Just can't pass up a good piece of bread ... or potato ... or chip.}

21. Living in Irian Jay (now Papua), Indonesia for 3 years was an AMAZING experience. Soon I will begin blogging about this because I got all my negatives put onto cd, thanks to Cleary's resourceful help!

22. Malaria is no fun. And the meds are worse. WAY worse.

23. I always root for the under dog and always fight for justice. Always.

24. I'm the mommy at the park that yells at the big kids to stop swearing and leave the playground because we don't want to hear them and neither do our toddlers.

25. I've slept in the bear cages while hiking the Appalachian Trail. And the Boy Scout troop loved Nay's and my company. Just ask us.


amywb said…
how funny - I am just catching up on my favorite blogs and I did the exact same thing this weekend - post my 25 things! we are connected... :) Love your list! (and as for your love of 80s music, you MUST see Andrew play in DeJa Vu. Next time they are in Chicago, I will email you and Jack!)

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