Quirk Number 172

I happened to glance down beside our bed and this is what I found.

My own personal library for our Christmas vacation. Is it necessary for me to have 11 books along with me on my week-long vacation? And to think I lugged ALL of these with us from Chicago to Canada ... ELEVEN BOOKS.

What was I thinking?

As I look at the stack, even I think it seems just a wee bit excessive.

Oh, and I also brought along these goodies:

Do I POSSIBLY think I could read ALL of this material in one week?

This, my friends, is one of my little quirks. I'm going to call it QUIRK NUMBER 172. I affectionately refer to it as my "Always Be Prepared Book Quirk". I come by it honestly; take a look beside my dad's bed. He's got the same pile, only his stack is taller.

When going on at trip, some of you would be content with bringing one book. And that makes total sense to most of mankind. I, however, like to have options. I mean, what if I got to Canada and wasn't in the mood for a biography, or a parenting book, but was in the mood for a good fiction novel? Or what if I didn't want to read my cooking magazine but desperately needed to read my scrapbooking magazine.

Options, people. Options.

Does anyone out there understand me?

Anyone else have this issue?

Oh, and for the record, I haven't cracked open one single book or magazine since we've been here. But I have been playing A LOT of Tetris. I'm officially addicted.

But IF I wanted to read, I'd be able to pick whatever book struck my fancy at any particular moment, because I came prepared!


Amber said…
Ha, ha! This made me laugh. I, too, have a problem with excessive amounts of reading material. Only my piles are staying at home for now; I've realized that with a newborn I get very little reading done when I'm on a trip somewhere. But I do have a big pile on my nightstand, coffee table, and in the kitchen. Never know where I might want to read something!
Rachel said…
I am COMPLETELY the same!
and you are my heroes!
rachel x

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