Colourful December Fun

Several inches of snow came last night so this morning we played outside ... Jackson hated getting everything on ... he didn't want the snow pants on, fought while getting the boots on, but DID want the mittens on. Go figure. Maddie, on the other hand, got dressed entirely by herself and sat patiently while we took about an hour to get Jackson suited up for that seven minute romp in the snow. I'm so glad I don't live in Alaska.
Alas, we finally made it outdoors.

She played so well and loved being outdoors. No surprise there.

Hmmmm... a little bit of mischief.

Afterwards came hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows to warm up.

What you can't see in the picture below is the fact that his face is loaded with chocolate ... as are his hands ... I left the room for, oh, a nano-second, and came back in and he was "fishing" out the marshmallows from his cup - with his hands - but SO much fun, Mommy!

This was our small gift to friends and school secretaries this year.

Chocolate-covered pretzel rods ... in Christmas mugs.

After the chocolate hardens you drip white chocolate over-top.

Very easy. Very pretty.

I so love my "peace" stocking holder thingy (no idea the technical name). Looked especially pretty on Wednesday evening with the snow coming down outside.

Maddie did a great job colouring these pictures below so I got two-buck silver frames and framed her artwork. I think, from here on out, each year I'll have Maddie and Jackson create something to do with the nativity to frame for these 3 frames ... I'd don't know - this tradition is just in the making - we'll see what evolves next December.

I'm still on the hunt for a small creche for this childhood nativity. So for now, it sits randomly on the piano ... I love that my mom gave it to me last year. It holds special meaning to me, as my Aunt Shirley made it for us when I was little. I really do love my nativity scenes.

We continue to be so happy with Maddie's school and her teacher. She goes way beyond to make the experience for her students memorable and fun. Yesterday I arrived a bit early to pick Maddie up, and they were just heading out their class door for a "gingerbread" scavenger hunt throughout the school. At the end of a long day, at the end of a long week, the kids full of sugar and excitement for Christmas, and Mrs. Palmer was still being creative and fun!

And this is what they had made earlier in the day. Gingerbread houses. Beautiful, aren't they? And they weren't just houses, they were on a plot of land, complete with Christmas tree and sidewalk and 'fence' of sorts! Maddie has such a creative streak - it was fun to see her creation.

Hope you enjoyed the colours!


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