Christmas Morn Through the Eyes of A Child

I remember as a young child it was all Lenny and I could do to wait for Mum and Dad to get out of bed. We were up at the crack of five and we SO wanted them to wake up and come downstairs so we could begin opening presents. I remember sitting through the Christmas story, hoping that Dad would pick the shortest rendition, so we could get on with the presents. I remember it like it was yesterday. I really, really do.

But then I got older and, well, sleeping in was just way higher on the priority list. Presents could wait. Sleeping couldn't. So really, until this year, that order has still been in effect. Wake me up at the last possible minute cuz Mama needs her rest.

This year, however, was different. Jackson was in for the surprise of his little two-year-old life, and because of that I could hardly wait to see his little reaction to his dream gift. You see, unbeknownst to him, my dad had built him a "Thomas" train table. It is perfect. Absolutely beautiful. Mom painted it and they had it set up downstairs in the basement so we could surprise Jackson. Jack and I got the sneak preview late on Christmas Eve, and even though months prior I knew Dad was going to build it, once I saw it I just could hardly stand it. I wanted Jackson to see it ASAP. I'll admit it; I had a hard time sleeping Christmas Eve.

We opened plenty of other gifts around the tree on Christmas morning and then at "the appointed time" we went downstairs, got ready with the cameras (plural of course) and video and then Dad brought Jackson down to see all the fuss.

There my little guy was ... rounding the corner ... curious as to all the commotion ... and to his surprise he saw the table and said, "Thomas."
He smiled and seemed happy and touched it and walked around it ... and then promptly began playing with the little fenced-in animals from the dollar store. Whaaaaat???? Ahhhh, don't we wish we could jump into the mind of a two-year-old?

He was certainly thrilled but we decided that the adults were way more excited than he was, at least initially. But, as I knew would be the case, he has played hours with the table and he truly loves it.
He has continuously asked Grandpa to play trains with him. Jackson sets motorized Percy in motion and then runs to the other end of the table and sucks his thumb and watches for it to pass over the hill and then he races to beat Percy to the other end... and around and around he goes.

And Maddie had some great surprises, too. She whispered to me at one point on Wednesday saying, "I looked under the tree and the biggest present is for me. I wonder what it is?" So this is what she got:

A horse for her doll ...

And clothing outfits for her doll ... and a little jewelry box from my mum and dad that had a few of my grandma's jewelry pieces - a little butterfly ring and a couple of butterfly broaches. Sentimental and beautiful. A treasure for sure.

We try to be very intentional about keeping the focus of Christmas on Jesus, and His coming to the world as our Saviour ... We work very hard at not getting sucked into materialism, which is just so easy to do in our immediate gratification/consumption society. But for a few brief moments this Christmas morn, I was reminded how very, VERY exciting it is to be a kid and to see that stack of presents that have your name on them. What could be in them? Do they shake? I hope it is ....

The anticipation of Christmas morning.

The wonder of it all.

Through the eyes of a child.


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