Another Declaration of Love

Today Maddie skipped through the kitchen and shared this. without my prompting. without my questioning. rather stream-of-consciousness-like.


"I'm SO going to kiss Mark tomorrow.
He loves me. I love him. I dated him today. Tomorrow we're getting married. And the next day we're going to have kids. And when he dies I'm going to marry Tripp."

Say WHAT??? .... What is a mom to say to that?

[And what's the whole, "and when he dies I'm going to marry Tripp." Oh mercy.]

In a moment of brilliance, all I could come up with was,

"So why do you love Mark?"

And she said, "Because he's so nice."

So there you have it.

Latest update on Maddie's love life.


Alice said…
I like that girl. She has her priorities right and contingencies in place. She's cool.

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