Some Day

I just know that SOME DAY, Maddie is going to say to me ...

"Mom, why did YOU dress me like that?" "How could YOU possibly let me out of the house with THOSE clothes on? You let me wear striped pink shirts and red flowered pants all at the same time????"
So ... herein lies my rebuttal:

a) You, my dear, dressed YOURSELF like that and it simply wasn't worth the fight to try to get you to MATCH like I might want you to MATCH. You were convinced that your outfits were perfect. And I was okay with that.

{My personal favorite outfit you choose. You absolutely LOVE this red top and pink skirt together. You wear this ensemble probably 3 times per week.}Some day, if you become a mom, you will understand the phrase:

b) I wanted you to feel a confidence through how you dressed and what you wore. Orange. Pink. Red. They DO go together. They really, really do.

{You do love to put pink and red together - your personal favorite colour combo.}
c) I didn't want you to think that you had to dress like every other girl in your class. I wanted you to be the leader and not the follower.

{Notice hand placement in these next shots. So sweet.}

d) I wanted you to know that quite frankly, I didn't really care what clothes you had ON. I cared what your insides were clothed with: compassion, love, kindness, friendliness, loyalty, patience, etc.
{You pull off the "formal and informal" combo quite beautifully!}

e) I wanted you to have opportunities to make decisions and then to be able to learn through those decisions. {Like all the times you INSISTED that you wanted to go bare-footed and then were upset because your feet were cold.}

f) And I suppose the bottom line was, that I just loved your little personality shining through your eclectic choice in outfits and didn't want to stifle your creativity. I wanted you to express yourself.
And I love how you express yourself Miss Maddie.
{I really, really do!}

Perhaps there's just a wee little bit of me that wishes I had the confidence to pull off some of the outfits she wears. There ain't no stoppin' her, my friends!


Cleary said…
Ah, the clothes issue. I let it go, but inside I'm cringing. Sweet Emma actually looks adorable in her "boy" outfits and she's so comfortable. Why would I want to undo that!
Jacky Correll said…
So what's wrong with Maddie's choice of clothes? She makes everything she wears beautiful because she is so beautiful - just like her mother. This is what I think, :I really, really do!"
Alice said…
I think her bright, vibrant clothes express her personality perfectly! I love these pictures! (I can't wait to see how she dresses when she gets a little older. maybe she will be a clothing designer??)
Connie said…
Great post! I totally get it! Caleb wore spider man jammies and Bob the Builder slippers to the movie tonight!
Amber said…
Maybe she's going to be one of those cool, eclectic artsy people that I admire so much for their creativity and confidence. :) She's beautiful, no matter what!

By the way---Elijah is enjoying the music on your blog!!
Sara said…
ahhh..but that is the maddie i grew to love as she walked into my classroom each morning. a unique, bright and expressive personality with that twinkle of girlie sweetness. yup, that is maddie's personality! i love it!

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