Mark story continued

So, remember yesterday's random post in which I shared this story:

[At breakfast Maddie loudly proclaimed: "Mark is in love with me." Hmmmmm. Mark who???]

Well this morning came the continuation of that story.

Maddie came to me with a note to Mark. And this is what the note said,with her spelling (on scrap paper I might add):


Wi do you love me? I like you but I do not love you. I gist like you. Love, Maddie.

Too cute. Poor guy. I think she broke his heart. But good for her for having a DTR (define the relationship) talk so early on. Get it out in the open right away is what I say. And she did just that.

So there. I wonder how many other hearts she'll break over the next couple of decades?


Mae said…
I love this, it is so sweet.
Alice said…
That's hilarious. Honest and direct. Poor Mark though... :-)
Kacie said…
oh man, this cracked me up. I remember when caleb started getting love notes from the girls in his class (in 1st grade). I was the messenger girl, and never got into the love note scene. :)
Sara said…
that's my girl.. so many more hearts down the road! how could a boy/girl NOT fall in love with her?

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