Cookie Weekend # Eight

The weekend before Thanksgiving, for the past eight years, Denise, Michelle and I have headed to Wisconsin for "COOKIE WEEKEND." Prior to that, Denise, her 3 sisters and her mom would make cookies together and then, in 2000, they graciously invited Michelle and I to join their family tradition.

And I will say, Cookie Weekend is one of my all-time favorite weekends of the entire year. For one, I LOVE traditions. I mean, I REALLY love traditions. They're important to me. And secondly, I love my friends. Love them. And thirdly, I love cookies. I mean, really, who doesn't?

This year we made 31 types of cookies. Yes, thirty-one. I'm not sure how many dozen per person that is this year. We all walked away with 3 huge bags full of cookie tins. And, we actually cut back quite a bit on the baking, just because we felt like it.

Denise's oldest sister Dawn works at a camp, which comes in quite handy dandy. This is the infamous "Widow Maker." Very SLICK with wet leaves on the ground and large trays of cookies in your hand.

We're able to use their industrial kitchen, with HUGE cookie sheets and lots of ovens. Thus, the ability to make as many cookies as we do. We all have our roles during the weekend. Dawn has the master plan and makes sure it gets executed. She does the pre-weekend shopping, organizing and overseeing. Diana (Denise's youngest sister) paints on sugar cookies all day on Saturday. Take a look at these. Beautiful. She's SO talented. I think she was an art major in college, so it's no surprise that she can produce such elaborate cookies. The comment I always get from people is, "They're too pretty to eat." That they are. Gabe always does the spritz cookies because it takes a special talent to operate that little spritz machine. (I'm not allowed anywhere near the thing because I'd break it out of frustration, and I'm not kidding.) Denise always works on the finicky types of recipes because she's patient and able to deal with details like that. Michelle's role is keeping uniformity to the cookies that need to be rolled into little balls prior to baking. That perfectionistic streak comes in handy. I get all like cookies on the same tables and off the trays and counted and in stacks. You know, organizing and such. That's probably no surprise. Lori and Brooke speedily make doughs. And we all certainly have our hands in all the aspects of the baking, but it is kind of fun to analyze our personalities and see how it plays out in a group of women making cookies. (As a side note, I avoid, like the plague, any activity that requires perfection. Cuz that's just not me. In our family, as Jack always says, "If you want it done quickly, ask Alysa. If you want it done right, ask me." And sadly, he's right!)

Oh, and we took it up a notch this year. Denise, Michelle and I stopped at Target on the way up to Madison and got a bit side-tracked and this is what we came up with. Cookie Costumes.

We're now the 80s Gingy Gingerbread Spice Gals.

Why, you ask?

Our response. Why not?

We got some serious, serious laughs both on Friday night as we gathered our costumes, and then on Saturday morning when we unveiled our surprise costumes to the rest of the gals. (And ridiculous as we look, these outfits were made entirely from things that are CURRENTLY in stock at Target. Scary.) I really can't believe I'm putting these picture of us on the world.wide.web. but I just had to. It was such a fun part of our weekend.

Can't wait until Cookie Weekend 2009!!!!


Sara said…
I just finished reading your past 3posts and all I can say is "You amaze me!" Everything you do in your life puts me in a state of awe. Other than my husband and kids and family the rest feels empty compared to yours. I have a lot to think about in 2009.

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