Tinkerbell and Dragon - Halloween 2008

Just got the kids to bed a little bit ago, after a very full, fun Halloween day.

On the way out to Aunt Becky's school we stopped at Didier Pumpkin Farm to wander through the pumpkins. Jackson had more fun with this
than he did the actual pumpkins. He didn't want to sit still for a second,
so we let him pull his Radio Flyer around while Maddie posed for some cute pics.

Maddie and I searched for the perfect pumpkins and found quite a few we loved. Isn't the orange fantastic? It was 73 and sunny today - it must have been a record for sure. Just absolutely delightful. Perfect!

Maddie was Tinkerbell
this year and as you can see, because the weather was SO beautiful, she was able to actually wear her outfit without any warm layers to ruin the look! (which was of concern to her going into the Halloween week).

And Jackson, Mr. Dragon, even got his dragon game-face on.
The hood lasted all of about 2 minutes, but that's okay.
2 minutes is enough to get some cute pictures.

We have this tradition, started when Maddie was 3 months old, where we go out to Aunt Becky's school (she's a music teacher in the suburbs) and participate in her school Halloween parade and then visit the class parties afterwards. So, Tinkerbell and Dragon joined Aunt Bec, who was Peter Pan.
What a GREAT aunt she is. Each year she coordinates with what Maddie is wearing and they match and join the parade together. Jackson joined but wasn't too thrilled about it, as he was way more interested in "canny" (translation = candy).

On the way home we swung by Maddie's school for their "Trunk or Treat" festivities and then met Jack at home to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood.

Jackson LOVED going from house-to-house.
He would run up the stairs (yes, giving us heart failure every time, assuming he was going to do a face plant on the cement) yelling, "Buddy home!" And then, when no one answered the door he'd say, "No Buddy home!" and proceed to the next house, running. He got to where he would take the candy given to him, turn to come down the stairs and stick the candy up to his nose and say, "Smell good!" He was having the time of his life.

Maddie was a great big sis,
letting Jackson run first up the stairs, and press the doorbells ... I was really proud of her.

At the end of a long day. Jackson found his blanket and ducka
and curled up on our porch chair while Maddie handed out candy. Maddie LOVED handing out the candy. Probably a highlight of the day for her. When little kids would come up the stairs she'd say, "Why don't you look cute!" Very sweet.

What a great day,
full of LOADS of sugar, sweet memories made. I remember Halloween being SOOOOO fun as a kid. As I tucked my kids into bed tonight I hoped that the fun we had today(other than a couple of meltdowns by each of them) would conjure up great memories in years to come.


Alice said…
I loved this post. It almost looked like a little movie. What a happy Halloween! Both of your babies look so adorable. I'm glad they had such a good day!
Mae said…
I have such fond memories of Halloween with you and Lenn. I can still see Lenn at Jackson's age running ahead of you up to the houses, running through all the mud puddles(it had rained all day). Then what fun when you got home to go through all the candy. I'm so glad that this was a great day for Maddie and Jackson.
Jacky Correll said…
Wish we could have been their to watch the kids. Thanks for the account and all the pictures. It helped make me think we were a part of the special time even though at a distance and a few hours behind.

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