Door County Part 1

12 families (39 people) arrived on Friday of Columbus Day Weekend for what ended up being a perfect time together. The weather - fantastic. Each day warmed up more than the day prior. Each day was packed with sunshine and no rain. Each day we hiked around the State Park finding more evidence of God's CREATIVITY.
This was year #4 for us. I love this tradition. There's something about it that makes me all fuzzy inside. (That last sentence sounds a bit hokey but hopefully you get the feeling). There is SO much work that goes into 4 days of camping, but honestly, it is worth every last second of work to get in the car and be on our way north.

This tradition brings joy. The anticipation of arriving at Peninsula State Park. The memories built each year. Little things within our tradition change, but the overall scope of the weekend remains the same. Getting away with church friends, out in God's vast creation, to be together, to build friendship, to laugh, to be, to love, to stake firmly in the ground that we will work hard to carry on this tradition because it's that important to us. I'm very grateful that four years ago we were invited to join this tradition of 35 years, and I anticipate us carrying this on for that many years, and hopefully more. Third generations are now arriving on the scene, beginning their ties to this wonderful State Park. Maybe someday our grand kids will join us? I certainly hope so.

Anyway, Friday morning we packed up the car and trailer (Jack's handy work) and headed 5 hours north, with every mile getting us further from the cement jungle and closer to God's AMAZING creation. His colours. His texture. His creatures. His stars. His trees. His rock. His lake. His people. HIS DETAILS. All His. Simply Amazing. Our CREATOR GOD.

While these pics are good, they simply do not show the full extent of the beauty.

Maddie was out of sight most of the weekend, playing in the woods with her friends. We're hoping she doesn't come down with poison ivy or parsnip, but there's a good chance she will. As you can see by these pictures, she was the frilliest little camper, insisting on pink and skirts and cute socks for the entire weekend. She is such a contrast. All girl. All tom boy. So precious.

And then there was Jackson. (He's the little one on the far left) He loved camping and when I asked him what his favorite part was he said, "Fends" (translation: friends). You see, he didn't realize he was way younger than the other kids. They let him play and let him join in and were so good at taking care of him. Greta and Klara were delightful helpers and Jackson absolutely LOVED them, as you can see by these pics. 17 kids trapsed through the campsites, finding adventure amongst the trees and rocks. They created an elaborate fort, complete with clubhouse rules (which caused a few squabbles, but ended up being resolved, we think). This is the clubhouse ROCK. There were any number of rules revolving around this rock, but they let the rules slide while this picture was being taken. (I insisted.)

Throughout the weekend we shared meals together. We did day and night hikes together. We had a church service on Sunday morning around the fire after collectively eating approximately 10 pounds of bacon. We simply be. We're all be-draggled, most of us not showering throughout the weekend. We smell like fire. The kids look frighteningly dirty and it's ALL GOOD.(See Jackson's face? It was like this the ENTIRE weekend.)

I'll probably do another post or 2 on our trip, because it's such a significant part of our year, so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures.

So there you have it - a recap of our Fall Tradition in Door County, Wisconsin!


Julie said…
So soooo beautiful in EVERY way!!
Alice said…
Some of my best memories are going to Door County every year as a child. Now we are taking our kids there, and they love it. It is a magical place. What awesome memories you are creating for your kids!

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