Today was delightful. [All except when the kids were both crying, for separate reasons, at the same time, not using their inside voices. Ya, that was a moment of delightfulness.]

But honestly, it was a happy sort of day. Really, perhaps the most happy sort of day I've had in some time while doing my 'mommy duties.' They weren't duties today. That felt great. I felt relaxed and content. That felt REALLY great.

We dropped Maddie off at school and then Jackson and I headed downtown for day one of my Precept Bible Study (it was awesome!). Afterwards we wandered over to Lake Michigan (which Jackson fondly called "Papa's Wake". He thinks any body of water is Papa's Wake, which I love!).

We had a yummy picnic and held hands and chased the seagulls (because mommy hates seagulls - seagulls are bad!) and then strolled along the lake for a long time. We eventually found our way through the streets of Chicago, ending up at my favorite place - A New Leaf, which is the most perfect flower shop in all the world. Seems like it comes right from the side streets of Paris, France. We bought Maddie a sunflower, her favorite flower, because we wished she were with us, and even requested purple ribbon because that's what we knew she would have requested.

Jackson napped the last 45 minutes of our walk (which was dreamy) so I just looked and enjoyed the quietness and looked some more and enjoyed the quietness even more. I think when we're old and grey we might have to retire to a small place downtown ... or not. But it certainly was fun to day-dream and lolly-gag just a tad, on such a sunny sort of day.

Today goes down as one of my favorite stay-at-home mommy sort of days. The irony being that I didn't stay-at-home - I was gone all day!


Alice said…
Ahhh...I can feel the serenity just from reading. Just wish you had some pics to go with it! :-)
Lenny said…
Sounds like an awesome day...! I am glad it was so peaceful and relaxing for you.

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