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Jackson holding one of the many baby turtles found this summer!

My blogging has been sparce the last few weeks but I promise I'm going to do several posts in the next few days. Numerous posts are swirling around in my head so I'm anxious to get them on "paper."

Morton Arboretum Visit

Maddie at the end of a hot summer day.

Jack and Jackson on the tube.

As a little teaser, these are some of the things that are brewing for blog posts:

1. homelessness (reading a great book about it, and have had some interesting interactions with homelessness in the last few months.)

2. The Shack (a book I read this summer -very powerful! Questionable theology but a very moving book!)

3. Our Summer of Fun update on all the fun things we did this summer

4. Aunt Bobbi's visit to Chicago

5. Rock Lake week in early August

6. People pleasing

7. Our refugee family that is coming (and a GREAT movie about The Lost Boys - God Grew Tired of Us).

8. Busy-ness

See, I haven't forgotten about blogging - just haven't made time for it. I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of others, but I do have my list made so I don't forget! Stop back by soon!



Kacie said…
Yeay, I'm so excited! I loved loved loved "God Grew Tired Of Us."
Alice said…
I kept checking your blog...glad to hear you've got posts brewing. :-) Looking forward to it!
Jill said…
I am reading the Shack presently and will be very interested to hear your thoughts on it....

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