Peanut Butter, Sunscreen and Strawberries

Thought I'd take a break from the church saga and relay a humerous story from this morning.

I have a fantastic husband. I really, really do. This morning, this Wednesday morning I might add, I got to sleep in until 9:30am. Yes, 9:30am on a week-day morning. De-LIGHT-ful.

The only reason I even woke up then was because Jackson came into our bedroom with a train saying, "Boke, Mommy. Boke." Seeing that it was 9:30am I hopped up and ran upstairs to thank Jack for spotting the kids while I caught up on some much-needed sleep.

About 30 minutes later, I heard Jackson in the kitchen so I wandered in and found him pointing at the milk (all over the table and floor) saying, "Milk spill. I hep." Ahhh, yes, that is definitely a spill little Mr. hunny bunches. But, bless his heart, he had mopped up most of it with a dish towel.

And then my eye caught the kitchen counter. Hmmmm. Peanut butter. EVERYWHERE. And then I looked back at Jackson and saw that indeed, he had it caked on himself. I mean, all over his entire shirt. His arms were covered. His face was covered. And guess whose camera's battery wasn't charged up. I missed some FANTASTIC picture opportunities. Bummer.

Not only had he opened the peanut butter jar, he had taken two pieces of bread out of the package, he had taken a knife (dull) out of the silverware drawer, he had grabbed himself a napkin out of that drawer (because, I mean, his hands were sticky so he wanted to clean them up, right?!) and he attempted (that being the operative word here) to spread the PB on the sammie. My assumption being that that is how the counter got COVERED with brown sticky stuff.

Oh, and then there was this nice little pile of white sunscreen mixed into a portion of the peanut butter. Because I mean, those two go together, don't they?
While I'm taking in the sight of my kitchen I began thinking to myself, "How was I with him for the last half hour and I didn't, for one second, notice his head-to-toe peanut butter ensemble?" What IS my problem? (I think I was just in la-la land over the fact that I got to sleep in until 9:30am on a week-day.)

I was quickly brought back to reality by his little voice saying, "Baw-berry, Mommy. Baw-berry." (Interpretation: strawberry). He was pointing to the fridge so I opened it and sure enough, the lid to the strawberry container was open. That meant one thing and one thing only. He had also been in THAT container. I picked it up, scanned it over and there, near the bottom were a half a dozen baw-berries with bites taken out of them. I mean, who can blame him? You don't want to get TOO close to the green part, do you?

So that was my introduction to the day and I must say, the site was worth a great laugh. That is, until I SAT in peanut butter later in the afternoon. My detective skills figured out that once he had his mid-morning PB and strawberry snack in the kitchen, he wandered into the living room to take a jump around on the couch.

So if you're allergic to peanut butter, you might want to avoid our house for a few days until I can figure out where he went after his visit to the living room.


Alice said…
I can't wait for him and Elaine to get together next week. See, if she had been there, she would have emptied 3/4 of a bottle of Palmolive around your kitchen to help clean all that up.
Mae said…
I loved this adventure of Jackson's. Did he actually eat any of the peanut butter and sun screen lotion and bread?
Alysa said…
I'm really not sure if he ate any of it, although his face seemed to indicate he did.
Connie said…
Oh...that's so encouraging....I thought my boys were the only ones who did things like that! My strawberries were eaten the same manner and my boys "made" scrambled eggs the other morning while i was blowdrying my hair....

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