Maddie's Second First Day

For all of you who have called to see how Maddie's first day at her new school went, and for all who have prayed for Maddie over the last couple of days, the biggest of thank yous to each of you.
This is Maddie before her Second First Day of First Grade.

Jackson followed us outside to take the customary first day of school picture and I said, "Okay, stand over there and we'll take your picture, Maddie, and Jackson thought that meant him too, so he stood in front of her and pushed himself into her and I just had to chuckle. He then wanted a picture of just himself on his first day of "Cool". Wants to be just like big sis.

When I picked her up today, after her 2nd day there, she was all grins and said, "I LOVE ________ and I LOVE my teacher." That was so great to hear. (I'm intentionally leaving out names of the school for Maddie's protection, as my blog isn't protected - anyone can visit my site.)
Her first day she definitely had a great day but every statement she made had a disclaimer about her old school. "I love my new school but I love my old one better." "I love my new teacher, but I love Mrs. Johnson better." Today, however, not a word was said about her old school or old teacher.

We just got back from an Open House at her new school and we continue to be blown away by the school. We are amazed at how fantastic her teacher is. Here's a picture of Mrs. Palmer and Maddie as Maddie arrived for her first day.
She welcomed her in and helped her get settled and made her feel special and loved.

Maddie at her desk!

I'll post pictures of the school itself, to give you a feel for where Maddie is attending, but it was rainy tonight so I didn't get any taken.

Here are a couple of God moments from the last few days. So on Tuesday my friend Denise wrote an email and asked how Maddie's first day of school went, not having any clue as to what was going on here in Chicago. Late that night I sent her an email explaining what had happened and how we had to pull Maddie and put her in a new school. We talked today (Thursday) and she said that all throughout Tuesday she kept thinking of Maddie and the Lord kept bringing Maddie to her mind, so she was praying for her off and on and she actually emailed the short email asking how Maddie's day went because she found it so interesting that Maddie was so on her heart all day. She has numerous nieces and nephews, and while she was concerned about their first days of school, Maddie was the one that she kept being prompted to pray for. I love when God puts people on our hearts and it's one of the things I love about God. He's concerned about our needs and the things close to our hearts and He uses His Holy Spirit to prompt others to pray for us, when we don't even have the time to tell them what is going on. (I've got another post brewing about this whole subject as I'm very big on this. I've got some exciting stories to tell of how God has worked in my life in this area.)

Here's another great God moment. So tonight, we're at the Open House and we walk into the general session in the gymnasium and there stand our good friends Mark and Catherine. We look at each other and think out loud, "What are you guys doing here?" That is just such an exciting bonus! Catherine and I know each other because our husbands have been good friends for a couple of decades. And while we're not with each other very often, EVERY time we're together, I leave thinking, "I so want to get to know her better. She's so groovy and authentic." So, I'm thankful that God has given us another point of connection through the girls' new school. Annalise is in kindergarten and I can hardly wait to tell Maddie that Annalise goes to her school. In fact, tomorrow morning we're doing our first car pooling. We don't waste time around here! I think I'm going to surprise Maddie and just show up at Annalise's house and that's how she'll find out that Annalise is in her school. And, we just learned that the kindergarten and first grades are combined for gym class, so 2-3 times a week they'll be together. See, isn't God good? I am so all about God being concerned about those little extras. I credit God with those types of thing. He is DELIGHTED to lavish 'treaters' on us! (I love the word "Treater" - that comes directly from my dear friend Naomi!)

So, there you have it. We're delighted about Maddie's new school situation. The small class size (12 kids) is a fantastic fit for Maddie. She will thrive this year. I overheard her saying this to my mom on the phone this afternoon: "Yes, and there aren't very many kids in my class so I'll get lots of attention!" Ahhhh, what a first born and you NOW know how we 'sold' the new school to her. =)

As a complete aside, today has been an all-day soaker and I have LOVED it. I got to have my lamps on in the middle of the day because it was 'darkish' outside and I had the windows open and where I sit at my computer I could hear the rain pelting the gutter thingy (where's Jack when I need him for technical terms). It sounded just like the tin roofs in Irian. I love rain. Some of you may not understand that but I have a long list of Irian family that I know get it - like Kacie and Linda and Joy and Julie and Cinda and on and on I could go. Rain is calming. Rain is good. I heard the rain and instantly found my classical piano music and popped that in. What a great day it has been!


Alice said…
I kept checking back here obsessively to hear how Maddie's 2nd 1st day went! I'm so thrilled. I had a feeling she would just love it. And 12 kids--that is awesome. Think of all the learning she'll get done this year. I'm so happy for all of you--what a sense of peace to have her in such a good school...

Also, Jackson cracks me up. I think his picture could be used as the book cover for "Huckleberry Finn" I swear.
Kacie said…
Oh Alysa, I'm so glad you've found a place that you can confidently send Maddie. Isaac and I had a long chat about funding schools and that sort of thing... somethings got to change!

Maddie is looking so mature! And Jackson is just adorably mischevious. And yay for being able to hear the rain! Sounds like a wonderful day. It has been beautiful here - cooler and clear skies with big puffy clouds and ... energizing. :)

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