First Grade Tomorrow

A new chapter in our lives. Tomorrow the big day arrives. Could it be? 1st grade. In the big school building. A lunch box in tow. School uniform on. Without us all day. I'm curious to know how she'll handle it, and just as curious to know how I'll handle it. I'll fill you in tomorrow and of course I'll post cute 'First Day' pictures. I guess there's no turnin' back at this point.

It's way late and she keeps coming out of her bedroom saying, "But I just can't get to sleep. I'm so excited about first grade. I think I'll stay up 'til midnight!" And I keep saying, "Maddie, tomorrow's a big day, you need your rest. Get back in bed!"

Jackson isn't going to know what to do with himself tomorrow and forever after. He follows her around ALL day long. I suppose I know who he'll be following around now. And, I'm cool with that. He's so darn cute!

I'm going to get back into more consistent blogging now that 'school' has begun. Somehow my internal clock is on 'school-year' time. Everything starts the day after Labor Day and ends after Memorial Day and the summer is free for all!!

Welcome back, routine!


Jill said…
I couldn't agree more -- summer is just "out there" for us - but the school year brings routine, schedule, consistancy -- love it! Can't wait to see the first day pics....the good news is, Mary starts 2nd grade tomorrow - and this year she didn't have any trouble falling asleep :)
Jacky Correll said…
I am praying it will be a great year for Maddie.
Alice said…
Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics!
lizwiththree said…
Maddie is going to be the light of the classroom-and i know because i taught her in sunday school. very well mannered and so smart. but most of all she is soooo kind to others.

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