Olympic Fever

I must say that deep down I think I still might have potential to win an Olympic Gold Medal. Really, I'm not just saying that. After all, I saw a 38-year-old woman win the marathon, and a 41-year-old woman won several swimming medals. "My" era represented. We've still got it. Rather, "they've still got it!", cuz last I checked my passport doesn't show a Beijing stamp.

Did you want to be an Olympian when you were younger? I SOOOOO did. I so believed I could. I so wanted it. So bad!

And then, reality hit and I realized that "the" dream is OVA .... I mean, completely and totally over. Yes, I can still do a pretty mean cartwheel and I've been told that running a 5k (I did 2 last year) is more difficult than running a marathon (and this comes right from our friend Eric, who has run several marathons, so I know it's true).

But for now, I'll sit back and cry as each Olympian realizes they've won: whether the Jamaican gal with her big grin as she crossed the 100m line, or Michael Phelps as his teammate holds onto that close lead to gain his 8th gold medal.

And honestly, I sit back and cry as the other Olympians realize they've lost: whether it was the Chinese gal last night who was on target to take the gold in floors but then uncharacteristically fell and couldn't contain her tears and disappointment on international tv, or Grant Hackett who lost the swimming medal he hasn't lost in 11 years, or Nastia who SHOULD have one. Sad. So sad. Bad judging. Very bad. Nasty. (I just HAD to say it - I mean, really. Who would name their child Nastia? Come on people. Use your brains.)

Final thoughts:

Summary: I think I'm a 'crier'.

Newsflash: This is not news to anyone who knows me.

Opinion: The gymnastics judging has been horrendous and I love Bela Karoli

Reality: The Olympics bring out the dreamer in all of us. Didn't you, for even just one second, want to be up on that podium hearing your anthem played? Come on, admit it. I know I did.


Kacie said…
Oh Alysa you make me laugh. I agree, I just LOVE Bela Karoli and Marta too - she's so sweet with her girls. Bela is SO enthusiastic and honest.

And the judging has sucked. I mean... who are we kidding here? Either someone is dreadfully biased or someone was paid under the table.

Connie said…
I agree! I've blubbered through these olympics. I've only done 1, 5K, but hope to do another one soon!

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