Mama Gets It, Too

So, yesterday (Saturday) morning the flu bug hit me, too. Maddie's now officially better, Jack hasn't gotten it, but Jackson and I are racing for the toilet, if you know what I mean.

We did manage to jump on the train yesterday and head down to the 50th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show. 2 strollers, 1 blanket, 2 water bottles, Jackson's fuzz, 2 changes of clothes for Jackson in case you-know-what-hit, and 5 diapers and we were ready to go!

Jack scoped out a fantastic spot right on the water, north of where the ba-zillion people were, and the funny thing was, all the aerial action was right above us. How cool. Jackson kept yelling, "More Boom Boom," as he LOVED the loud F15s, 16s, 22s and every other amazing piece of aircraft that our military owns. Jack and I kept saying, "I'm glad they're on our side!" Maddie kept looking for beach glass and shells and we paid $12 for 3 hot dogs. Crime, I know, but, we were spontaneous and didn't get around to making a lunch. Next time we will because it kills us to spend that much money on that little food.

That was on my 'summer fun' list of things to do, so we're checking off all sorts of fun things. I have to go back to that post and see what we have left to do.

We did Marble Art, thanks to Megan's inspiration. It was so easy and so fun.

Here are a few pictures of that, but go to her site to see some smokin' great shots.

There's still more time to have summer fun, unless you're in my dear friend Cleary's shoes and her children had to go back to school on August 13th. YES, you read it correctly. August 13th. Their summer is over - what a shame.


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