Dried Banana Chips For Sale

Just now, Maddie came out of her room to show me THIS, a bowl of rotting bananas that she has nurtured (unbeknownst to me) for the last WEEK. Yes, I said WEEK.I asked her, "WHY? do you still have this bowl of bananas?" She matter-of-factly said, "I was trying to make dried banana chips. You see, I couldn't eat these bananas because I was puking, so I saved them to see if they would turn into dried banana chips."

Hmmmm. This was a new one. I'm guessing scientist of some sort in her future. I think Mr. Brown would be proud of her! Can't say I would have EVER thought to do that. I simply ask, what next?


Julie said…
That is so disgusting and creative all at the same time! I love her mind. Hang in there xo~julie

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