Insane Mommy

So the panic attack hit when I realized that it was VERY quiet in the house but Jackson was not napping any more. I found him here. Nice. I suppose the good news is that he didn't fall, even after I said, "Wait there, Jackson - I'm gonna get the camera!" (which was in the other room. Oopsy). Not sure if that was the safest mommy move, but I knew the picture would be priceless. And it is, is it not?

And we wonder why I'm going insane? Not sure what possessed him to get up on the counter and squat. At least the counter's tidy and clean. And I couldn't have said that 3 hours prior to this picture.


Jill said…
I love his hair - it's so cute :)
Alice said…
I'm telling you, he has a soul sister at our house!
lizwiththree said…
oh my --jackson and emina could get together and hang out on the table because everytime i turn around emina is on top of the table.

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