Funny Bedroom Story

The Background:
a) Saturday I took a long, hard nap, from 3:00 - 5:30pm. Perhaps not the brightest thing to do seeing as bedtime around the Clark home is in the tens.

b) Jack is a very bad sleeper (sorry, hun, it's true). He comes by it naturally as his entire family are bad sleepers.

The Story:
Saturday night Jack and I went to bed around 10:45pm in our lower level/basement room. I tossed and turned for an hour, and it took quite awhile for Jack to get to sleep, but he eventually did.

At 3am, I heard the hall door opening and I think to myself, "Why is Maddie coming in? I need sleep, PEOPLE! Leave me alone!"

So I get out of bed and open the door to tell Maddie to go see her daddy and Jack is right in my face, coming into the room. We both jump back and Jack says, "What's going on here?"

Now the thing that makes this story so funny is the fact that at around 11:45pm I "snuck" out of our room, went to our main floor to do some emailing, and then headed up to our 2nd story and tried to get to sleep in our guest bedroom. Finally, somewhere around 2am, I dozed off. Of course, this was unbenounced to Jack. He assumed I was sound asleep beside him in our lower level bed.

Jack, somewhere around 2am woke up and was wide awake. He laid in our bed until around 3am and finally "snuck out," not wanting to wake me up, thinking he would head upstairs and try a new bed, to see if he could get back to sleep.

We had the biggest chuckle as we both laid in our GUEST bedroom upstairs, at 3am. We had gone to bed in the same room, both 'snuck' out of that room at some point, and both ended up in our guest bedroom TOGETHER, in the middle of the night, laughing hysterically at the craziness of what had transpired during those few short hours.


Alice said…
Isn't that what guest beds are for?! US??
Jill said…
it sounds like you need to make your guest bed "your" bed :)

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