Back Yard Fun

If you saw our back yard you'd have to let out a little chuckle because honestly, it's the size of a postage stamp. However, I must say that we're spending all sorts of fun time in our yard this summer, unlike any previous summer to date.
I've actually avoided our yard in the past, and spent countless hours schlepping the kids to local parks, simply because I thought our yard was too small for the kids to have any fun. Well, as you can see by the pictures, they're loving it and I was wrong. It's amazing what a little slide, a tiny sandbox, and a pool can do for two kids. This post is more of an excuse to put up some cute pictures of the kids than anything else.

Hope you enjoy.Thanks to Jack's help, we have just planted flower garden #2, with our first being last year. We love wild flowers so we dug up weeds, tilled the soil (saying that makes me feel like Ma Ingalls) added the seeds, and watered the earth. Supposedly they'll pop up in a few weeks so we wait in anticipation for what will grow. Maddie and I love flowers so this was a perfect mother-daughter project for us. I'm trying to be intentional about mother-daughter stuff, as Maddie sometimes gets overshadowed by her 2-year-old brother; imagine that.

So there you have it - a visual on what we do on any given afternoon. If you're in the area, stop over for a visit and I'll even get you a cold one. Diet Coke that is!


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