Maddie's Prayer Tonight

Maddie continues, days later, to be impacted by our helping the starving children on Sunday night. This was her prayer tonight:

"Dear God: Thank you that we're lucky that we get food to eat every day so we don't go to bed hungry. Please help the food that we packed get to the starving children soon so they don't die."

That, too, is my prayer. Daily she continues to ask how many children die each day. Each inquiry brings the same answer: 18,000. Tonight she said, "Well, how many is 18,000?" Using a sports visual (my husband would be proud), I said to her, "You know when we watch a football game on t.v., it's like all the people that are sitting in the stands." Her eyes grew big, very big, and I could tell that she truly understood the significance of that number. I think up until then, she just new it was a lot but this gave it perspective and she got it. (I think my numbers are perhaps off on that [especially for the Big House], but, she got the picture - an unfathomable amount of children dying every day because of lack of food.)

Yesterday, out of the blue she came up to me and said, "Can I have 2 of my dollars that Papa gave me?" I said, "Sure. Why?" She said, "1 dollar to give to the starving children and 1 dollar to give to our refugee family." She's getting it and that is sweet, SWEET, fulfillment to me.

I have been brainstorming ways that Maddie and I (and our two Jacks) can make an impact for starving children and I'm very excited to have come up with, what I think might be, a tangible 'business'. I'll keep you hanging for now, but ... stay tuned. It's a way that we can maybe raise some money to turn around and give straight to "Feed My Starving Children." One of the things that greatly impressed me with this organization is that 95% of the money you give goes DIRECTLY to the children (food and shipping it to the kids). Most organizations take WAY more than that for overhead and salaries, etc., so this is significant in my eyes.

On a separate note, I mentioned tonight to Maddie that I had a great idea for her upcoming mid-July birthday party here in Chicago (we typically have a party up at the Lake with family but this year her birthday is on a Tuesday so we'll also do something here at home). The idea is that we will go, with several of her friends, to the Aurora office of Feed My Starving Children and pack nutritional food pouches for the starving children for her party. How cool would that be? And, rather than people bringing gifts, whatever they would have spent on a gift I would ask them to donate to the children.

Her eyes got big, again, and she squealed with delight - she thought it was a GREAT idea and instantly said, "Yes, let's do that for my birthday, Mommy!" So, hold July 22nd open and if you're in the Chicagoland area, come with us and help the starving children. I can't think of any better way to celebrate Maddie's sweet little life than by helping to give life to a starving little child halfway around the world.


Gerstfamily-Mom said…
Oh Praise God for you and His precious little servant, Maddie! How wise she is getting! He is smiling at all of you knowing that she, your little Kindergarten graduate, those little bitty hands and feet are those of His son JESUS!

I am THRILLED to say that Belle will be around on the 22nd if she is blessed enough to join you at Maddie's party. Beautiful idea!!!
Alice said…
That is fantastic!! If I don't have to work that day, we will do it! Maddie = sweet girl... :-)
Alysa said…
Renee and Alice - we would LOVE it if you joined us with Lucy and Belle (unfortunately, the kids have to be 5 and over to do it - or just about 5 - i can't remember exactly when Belle's birthday is, Renee, but it's close enough. And sweet Lucy will be 5 in just a couple of weeks. And, i'd love for you two to meet each other. Alice, Renee (gerstfamily-mom) is one of my close MOPS friends, and Renee, Alice is one of my dearest friends from 21 years ago - first person I met at Moody as a freshman in '87. What a fun day it will be!
Jill said…
What a fabulous idea...I'm bummed that I don't live closer or I would bring my Mary - she would love to do that, too... :) Great idea! Thanks for continuing to inspire me to bigger and better things !!!
Anonymous said…
Lee-Lee, I am proud of both you and Madison Mae. You and Jack are doing such a great job with Maddie and Jackson!

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