Drama Weighs Me Down

I was pretty intentional in junior high and high school. I chose to surround myself with precious few girl friends, (and the girl friends I had were like me - non-dramatic!) and a lot more guy friends. I was intentional about this mostly because I'm not big on drama, and for whatever reason, females in high school equal truck loads of drama. I know that is an over-generalization extraordinaire, but truly, that was the case in my life.

Guys, on the other hand, were all about sports and heavy metal music, and being the sporty, heavy-metal music lovin' gal that I was, it was easy to fit into their world and just do sports together, while singing AC/DC at the top of our lungs. I've often wondered why no boys really "liked" me during high school (or at least the ones I liked didn't like me) but I'm beginning to see the light. (This is why I need to write, because the fuzziness becomes clearer when I process while writing). The reason I really didn't have 'romance' in my life in high school was simply because I didn't hang out with drama girls. And let's face it, the drama girls had all the guys, because that WAS the drama. I was too into sports and maybe, just maybe, too good at sports. Now that last bit about being too good at sports might seem a tad bit arrogant, but it's not meant to be an arrogant statement. It's simply the reality - guys want to win at whatever they're doing, and I was too stupid to realize that, so I played to win, and often did - whether at ping pong, or one-on-one basketball, or swimming or whatever really. It's those sporty genes on both sides of my family - I think I was cursed. Or blessed. I'm guessing blessed because I didn't get into much trouble because I was too busy playing sports, and missing out on the kissing drama at the lockers!

All this to say, my daughter is almost 6, and the drama has begun and it's killin' me ova here. I mean, the world, as we know it, is about to stop turning because her brother grabbed her sucker out of her hand. And, "What if I don't get the class goldfish and someone else gets it?" And, "You don't love me because you gave me a consequence." Oh, and here's a good one: "I'm never going to drink water again because you won't let me keep water by my bed at night." Honestly, this is so the tip of the iceberg today, but I don't even feel like writing her drama statements down because I'm weary of them. Drama weighs me down - it's like that mosquito in the tent that somehow finds your ear all night long.
So that is my world today. And fortunately, I've lived long enough to know that tomorrow will be different and better. Perhaps I need to adjust my expectations. Perhaps I need to sit back and evaluate what's going on in her little life, or developmental stage to be causing her to be a bit more dramatic and whiny than normal. After all, she's only a child and she's learning her boundaries and limits and what she can and can't get away with, and she's been up a lot later than usual the past few weeks. Hmmmm. Lack of sleep. Now there's something to think about! Guess who's going to bed early until she's 18?


Gerstfamily-Mom said…
Ha! Princess, Drama Queen, Diva...whatever you want to call it, Maddie is finding the little princess qualities God has given her. Now her challenge (and yours as mommy) will be to focus those into meaningful (and non-manipulative) skills. When reading your blog it was like I was reading my life in high school...except replace every "sport" reference with music. But same ol' same ol'. You are blessed to find Jack who sees your strength in the "win it all" drive you have and can jump in with you. And I was blessed enough to find Bernie--who is one of the few people that can win at music and all other things I used to be the "winner" of (witty comments, silliness, leadership, etc.) I haven't lost those...just have joined forces with. I enjoyed reading your blog seeing as all of the supplies from our tea party extravaganza are still out, Belle is still in her gown and yelling at Lana for stealing her "munchkin" and ruining the party. Drama drama drama...but I am convinced we will look back and see the major POSITIVE influences developing these traits for the Lord will have on our girls.

Keep praying and see you away from the drama tonight!!!
Anonymous said…

Your last statement sounded like you have more drama in your life than you recognize. In fact I remember some times you used drama very effectively - like Maddie is now.

Alice said…
Oh, drama. That is the girl thing going on at our house. We've chosen to really focus on self-control--not losing it or at least getting it back quickly when we've lost it. Good luck with that!
Alice said…
I forgot to add, once again, how much alike we are! I too, preferred guy friends. And I was great at sports...oh wait. Never mind. :-)

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