Spring Tour

In former years, my dream was to catch a "Spring Tour" of a famous rock band, but of late, I've found an even "funner" Spring Tour. (Yes, I know funner isn't a proper word but it just seemed to SO fit in that sentence, didn't it?)

Maddie and I (Jackson's along for the ride) are on our very own "Spring Tour" - we're on the hunt for signs of spring. Spring HAS to arrive soon, doesn't it? Besides our trusty 'first' robin, we've seen no snow (which is an important first sign of spring), grass that is slightly turning from brownish to greenish, we've driven with the windows down (for about 5 seconds before we froze), purple crocus' have been spotted down the street, daffodil shoots and other green flower shoots are beginning to pop up from the ground. We saw the sun today, which Maddie insisted was a sign of spring, and the pretty shiny water convinced us that spring was at our backdoor. As we walked along the shore at Gull Lake today, a fishing boat rumbled by, its waves falling into shore and Maddie said, "Listen, Mommy. I love that sound - it's very peaceful!" And I 100% completely agree, Miss Maddie! nWe played outside most of today, which brought Maddie to life. She is my outside girl; catching a very tiny weeney catfish this morning with her daddy; this afternoon gathering 'seeds' to bring to her teachers on Monday; the day was dotted with numerous trips up and down the shore hunting for turtles and frogs! I believe the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Morten Arboretum will be getting Clark visitors this week. BRING ON THE SPRING!


Jill said…
You are at Gull Lake? You are 15 minutes away from me...and Bill (my hubby) works on Gull Lake.... Are you here all week?
Alysa said…
your hubby works on gull lake? what does he do? where do you live (what town?). jack's dad has a place on GL so we just visit from time to time - a lot in the summer.
hugs, alysa
Jill said…
He is the Harbor Master at Gull Lake Marine and has been there for almost 11 years :) We live in Plainwell. How fun for you to get to spend time at the lake so often. Bill's dad also has a place on GL - so we get to do a lot of swimming and boating, too... it's fun to be spoiled, isn't it :)
Alysa said…
get out of here - where on Gull Lake is bill's dad's place? we'll have to visit this summer. what fun! i know the name Plainwell - where exactly is that? you said 15 minutes away? toward battle creek? or up toward Grand Rapids?
Jill said…
Bill's dads in on the South End of the Lake - kind of at the entrance to the canal. (Behind Mosquito Island if you know where that is). Where is Jack's dad's house?

Plainwell is west of Richland. (11 miles) You just take M-89 and it's a straight shot. I'd love to hook up with you this summer - you'll have to let me know when you're around. How fun :)

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