Little Buddy

I have to just say it - Jackson is de-LIGHT-ful ... His little personality is easy going, full of laughter and smiles. Right now it's past his bedtime but I just can't seem to bring myself to put him to bed, because he's being so good - just playing with a "Little People" person, putting it in and out of a sippy cup. (I'm not exaggerating when I say this has been going on for at least 20 minutes now! This was (and still is) unheard of in the world of Maddie!) I asked if he wanted to snuggle and he promptly said, "No!", shaking his head from side to side. Happy Jackson

Yesterday we zipped through "Trader Joe's", where they have pint-sized shopping carts. Jackson LOVED pushing his own cart. He would take the items I gave him and carefully place them into the cart, continuing to chase me down the isle. I convinced him to avoid the glass wine bottle isle and with some irritation, he obliged. While pushing his cart, he only got the back of my ankle once, and I swear I heard my mother laughing all the way from Canada - after all, she says my children owe me BIG TIME for all the times I nailed her ankles.

Jackson had his 2-year-old appointment yesterday - 75th percentile for height and weight and 50th for head. He got his finger poked and just looked at the nurse, looked at the blood, looked at the nurse, and then intently watched as the nurse 'scooped' the blood into the tube. He was quite fascinated. No tears!

He climbed/fell out of his crib on Sunday. Jack and I were eating lunch and heard this incredibly loud thump and sprinted to his room, to find him crying behind his crib in the corner. No blood or bruises, so that's good. That night, we didn't hear any loud noises but did hear 'suspicious behavior' in his room. Jack opened his door and there he was, just playing outside his crib. Hmmmm, seems like we might need to do something about this little predicament!

He just popped his head up to see what I was doing and is now back on the floor, playing with Ms. Little People person.

Just thought I'd share a little bit about Jackson at 2 years old - I'll save the temper tantrum stories for another post to keep this post a post of loveliness! (Believe me, he is DEFINITELY two and definitely has his moments!!)


Mae said…

I loved what you wrote about Jackson. And I did laugh about him running into your ankles with the cart. I still remember the numerous times you did this to me. The pictures are so sweet of him. Keep writing, I love it.
Alice said…
I love age 2 (mostly). They're so sweet and funny and fun of life and discovering the world. I see you are getting ready for the great bed changeover--us too. I'm pushing deep down inside how sad I am that there won't be a crib in the house anymore. :-(

Jackson is too cute...
Anonymous said…
im glad you're doing so well, sounds like you have a wonderful family!! :-)


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