Frona's Pantry, Hickory Corners, Michigan

We have this delightful little tradition which includes a delicious breakfast at the very local "Frona's Pantry" here at Gull Lake. Jack's dad graciously treats us to breakfast all throughout the summer, and any other time we make it up to the Lake. (Yes, we know we're COMPLETELY spoiled!). This trip up, we crossed into Michigan (about 85 miles from the restaurant) and Maddie yelled, "I SEE FRONA'S!". (She's in the process of fine-tuning her sense of humour - she thought she was quite funny and that she was 'tricking' us!) Normally, though, we round the bend in the road at the Lake and Maddie pipes up from the back seat (no matter what time of day or night) and says, "There's Frona's!" as she spots the sign.
This past summer, due to Jackson's age and the long, long wait at Frona's, we opted to pass on most invitations to Frona's, simply to save our sanity (and the other patrons, too). But, from time-to-time, after our morning ski, Jack's dad would say, "Okay, which of the two of you want to join me for Frona's?" Jack, being the great hubby that he is, most often said, "Alysa is!" and off we'd trot. We'd sit, uninterrupted for a long time, visiting about all sorts of things, relishing in the kid-free grown-up meal.

All this to say, Frona's has become a special tradition for us, including Maddie. To her, Gull Lake is Grandpa, turtles, frogs, the boats and Frona's! She's one lucky little gal, and the rest of us are pretty fortunate, too. I secretly hope Frona's never goes out of business so that 20 years from now, Maddie can come back to the lake and take her friends to her favorite breakfast place and reminisce with them about the hundreds of times she's shared a meal with family around one of Frona's tables.


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