First Robins

Inspired by my friend Alice (, we were on the hunt for our first robin. I guess robins come quicker in Rockford, but ours finally arrived last week, March 27th. With the promise of a fun surprise when we spotted the orange-breasted bird, Maddie spotted it from a mile away (okay, not really).We circled the block and sure enough, there it was, in the field, looking for worms. I grabbed the camera, dodged traffic and took this picture to prove that we had spotted one sign of spring. We were desperate for ANY sign of spring. The following day it snowed which Maddie pronounced loudly from the backseat, "Snow is NOT a sign of spring!"

Don't ever mention 'surprise' to a 5-year-old because she would NOT let it die until I agreed to make our surprise. The surprise was our robin nest treats. Fun, eh?Maddie and I baked while Jackson napped and came up with these yummy peanut butter chocolate nests, thanks to Alice's creativity! Here's how you do it: Melt 1 bag of chocolate chips and 1 bag of any other type of chip (peanut butter, butterscotch, white chocolate, etc). Once melted, mix in a bag of chow mein noodles and then plop onto wax paper. Put pastel blue M&M's in the center of each nest and then sit back and wait for them to set. Very easy. Very fun. Lovely little surprise that makes you, as a mommy, feel like you've accomplished something that day!


Alice said…
Yum!! Isn't this a blast? It's like, the littlest thing can propel you to "Most Fun Mom Ever." I'm glad you guys got to do this.
Jill said…
How creative is that? I'm impressed with both of you (Alice & Alysa)....Good job being extremely creative. Kudos to you! My only question is, "Do they taste good?" :)

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