Christmas Tradition

I must admit I'm a MAJOR tradition gal - I love, love, love traditions! There's something comforting and reminiscent and simply delightful about anticipating traditions. We have several as a family and I'm always on the look-out for a new one (like our robin nest tradition just begun this year).

One of my favorites is our "Home Depot Christmas Tree" tradition. We load up the kids, drive to Home Depot and pick out our very inexpensive, perfect Scotch Pine tree. Jack loads it into the trunk and we scoot home, swinging by Moy Lee (one of our favorite Chinese restaurants) for take-out.

Once home, Jack gets the tree in the container thingy, screws it down tightly, and we begin putting on the white lights and white/light blue/dark blue balls of varying sizes.

But wait - the best part of this tradition is the continuation of each of our own family traditions from our childhoods. I pull out the "Kenny Rogers Christmas" album, and Jack pulls out "Cozy Christmas" by the Ralph Carmichael Singers and it's almost a fight (okay, not really) to see who gets to listen to their album FIRST. We both sing at the top of our lungs, and truth be told, Kenny is growing on Jack - I just know it is. He might not admit it but I secretly catch him quietly singing the words! Maddie sings right along, too, and it makes for the happiest of evenings together as a family.

Once finished with decorating, we fall onto the couch, turn on the white lights and sit for a long, long time, just looking at our tree, thankful that Christmas is upon us.

This tradition has been going on since December of 2000, our first married Christmas! My prayer is that we'll have many, many more family Christmas outings to Home Depot to get our Christmas Tree!


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