Awana Book Finished

Maddie came home excitedly last night, announcing that she had finished her first Sparks AWANA book. I'm so proud of her. I was raised in the AWANA program and to this day, any verse I know, I most likely learned at AWANA, dozens of years ago. Hundreds of verses are tucked away in my memory because of that program. I love it!

[I'm thankful to this little church down the street from our home, that graciously offers AWANA for the neighborhood kids. This is gonna sound bad, but it is so nice to just show up, drop Maddie off, and not stay and serve. There, I said it. I have to say that I agree with the saying that usually, 10% of the people do 90% of the work, and since I'm usually in the 10% category, it's so nice, for one program, to let others do the work. I'm thinking this comes across as quite lazy and perhaps selfish, but I promise, I'm usually hard at work! It's just so nice to have Wednesday nights free.]

We're thrilled that Maddie has wanted to continue on with AWANA. She loves going, and while it's sometimes a bit irritating to get her to actually learn her verses, she knows dozens and dozens of verses and I know that they are in her little mind for good.

Currently, as I write, she is downtown Chicago, at Navy Pier, with the others that finished their Sparky book, on a special field trip to the Chicago Children's Museum, complete with a McDonald's Happy Meal for supper. It's a bit bizarre to think that she's out-on-the-town, while Jack and I are nowhere to be found. I mean, she's only 5 and she's downtown Chicago. I'm not sure this sits completely right, but, she's in good hands (we assume) and deserves this special outing to celebrate this big accomplishment.

Next week she'll have her Awards Night. My guess is, Jack and I will beam with pride, Jackson will be making a raucus in the bleechers, and Maddie will grin and wave as she walks up front to collect her award.


Connie said…
Yet another frightening likeness. I was raised in AWANA, and I take JD and Caleb to a church (not ours) and DROP THEM OFF as well. Nate (my one year old) and I run errands or go to Starbucks while the boys attend. JD is finishing off his first year in Cubbies. They have two more weeks and then he has his first award night. I love hearing him recite his verses...and knowing that he has scripture tucked away in his heart.
Alysa said…
this is CRAZY ... we really MUST meet soon!!!! i feel like we were separated at birth or something! =)
Alice said…
Congrats, Maddie!! I hope you post pics of award night!
Jill said…
AWANA is an awesome thing. And you know what, I don't think you should feel any guilt about dropping Maddie off and letting her enjoy SPARKS. I did the same thing as a child...went to SPARKS at a neighborhood church -- not our home church -- Can't wait to see the pictures from awards night.

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