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Sitting In The Sad | Water Street Dream storytelling photography | Chicago Family Photographer

Don’t you just wish you could shoulder the sadness felt by your children? When they’re wee little people, their sadness comes from lost toys
upset tummies. As a parent you navigate those sad feelings with your littles, sometimes with the power of a good bribe (Heaven forbid,
but you know all the good parents  on planet earth have done it).

You remove them from the situation. Or you try redirecting.  Oh how we redirected.
And over.
And over again.

Or you let them sit in the sadness, knowing it’ll pass
just as quickly as it arrived. And then they get a little older. And their sadness takes on a different feel. A feel that’s,
I guess, out of your control.
You can’t orchestrate a best friend
they’redeeply longing for. You can’t make all the kids in the classroom
want to hang out with them. You can’t snap your fingers and magically
have them back on the inside instead of the outside looking in.
You can’t take the insecurities away.

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