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Four's a Great Age to Be | Chicagoland familyl photographer

Well hey Little G Man,

I've been photographing you for years now,
and I can't believe you're four.
You just zippity-zipped and all of a sudden 
you're running and climbing and jumping!
You are so FUN.
And so happy. You love your super heroes, yes you do!
You know the hand motions.
And the poses.
And boy howdy,
you are serious when you're in
save-the-world mode. I loved just wandering together for an hour,
capturing your grand personality.
I think you're gonna be a world changer some day.
I just know it.
You're adventurous.
And determined.

And I think you know that you are DEEPLY loved by 

your parents,
which is HUGE for a child to know.

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