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Living Life To The Fullest | Chicagoland Family Photographer | Water Street Dreams

You know those people that just live life? They say yes to fun experiences. They celebrate all the things. As in, all.of.the.things. They have traditions year after year and they actually remember to do those traditions.
They wear the fun costumes and throw the fun parties.
They look down and have 7 neighborhood kids  at their table because, why not, life's too short, there's always room for one more person.
Share the stuff. Make the play dough. Do the science experiment. Dance on the patio. Jump in the pool.
Ice cream at midnight? Heck ya!
Hands down, that's the epitome of the O'Hearn/Wilcox family. They.are.FUN. They play. They tease. They laugh. Becky, as a complete aside, you are SO fun to photograph. Your varied expressions are a riot and I don't think you take a bad photo. Like, seriously. Not a bad photo! You're beautiful - like gorgeous beautiful - and I hope you know that! And what makes you even more beautiful is the reality that you're beautiful on the inside, too, which just spills…

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